Chicago is the third-largest US city and the most populous city in Illinois. Located on Lake Michigan, Chicago is known for its jazz, architecture, gangsters, hot dogs, and pizza. Let's take a closer look at Chicago together.

Foodie Heaven

Whether you are only a visitor or a resident of Chicago, experiencing new foods is always engaging. With thousands of decent restaurants and numerous food festivals, this city definitely has signature local dishes. The iconic deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati's offers incredible tomato sauce, customized toppings, and a lot of melted cheese. 

Italian beef sandwich is another flavor bomb which you can have dry, wet, or dipped in meat's juices topped with cheese and sweet pepper. Taste basic fried chicken dinner at Harold's Chicken Shack, or try old-fashioned buttermilk doughnuts, Kuma burgers, jibaritos, butter toffees, and Italian ice.

Music Culture

Explore the whole universe of Chicago galleries, museums, and numerous historical places. Whether you are interested in art masterpieces, underwater worlds, or ancient tombs, Chicago has something for you to explore. Start from the Bean (Cloud Gate) Museum.

Chicago is also known for its input in various music styles: hip hop, house, gospel, jazz, soul, and blues. Many Chicago musicians have contributed to the R&B-soul culture. Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the most prominent orchestras in the US. Almost every day of the week, various concerts are held at Garfield Park Conservatory, Claudia Cassidy Theater, Preston Bradley Hall, and others.

Day and Night Activities

Chicago has always been popular for its nightlife and entertainment spots. Since this city is considered a center of house and disco music, you should plan to visit several clubs like Tao, Prysm, Masq, Liqrbox, and others. In summer, many music and dancing festivals are arranged, so make sure to learn the schedule in advance.

If you like water cruises, you can explore the Chicago River and enjoy listening to the history of this prominent city. Join the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise along the south and north shores of Lake Michigan to find out the stories of 50 city buildings. 

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